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Technical Artist




Ensure art assets can be easily integrated into a game without sacrificing either the overall artistic vision or exceeding the technical limits of the chosen platform.
Coordinate closely with the artists, as well as the programmers, acting as a bridge between disciplines.

Keeping up-to-date in changes in technology, art packages and new techniques.
Create custom tools to improve the efficiency of the team.
Oversee the implementation of rendering techniques such as normal and specular maps, particle systems and pixel shaders as well.
Work with programming, design and art to develop pipelines in support of a game feature
Provide tech support to artists, and in some instances, to the entire team. First line of defense in diagnosing a problem.
Develop content creation guidelines and help enforce them through the use of tools and reminders when needed.
Optimize content for memory and performance gains.
Work with programming to develop risk/reward on game features.


Degree in a relevant visual art or technical subject.
Technical proficiency in areas such as lighting and rendering, texturing, and graphics-related programming languages such as shaders.
Extensive knowledge of art packages ranging from modelling to texturing and special effects, and be able to customise them .
Understanding and proficiency in using 3D graphics software.

Ability to think creatively to resolve technical challenges and limitations.
Excellent organisational skills.
Fluent in English.